Xiaomi Smartphone Redmi 10 (4+64)



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โทรศัพท์มือถือ Xiaomi Redmi 10 (4+64) สี Carbon Gray เป็นสมาร์ทโฟนสี่กล้องอัจฉริยะ 48MP .พร้อมลำโพงคู่ ,จอแสดงผล แบบ FHD+ DotDisplay จอพร้อม AdaptiveSync ,ชิปเซตประสิทธิภาพสูง MediaTek Helio G88 ,โปรเซสเซอร์ Octa-core สูงสุดถึง 2.0GHz,แบตเตอรี่ความจุสูง 5000mAh มาพร้อมชาร์จเร็ว 18W

Screen Size 6.4 inch
Chip MTK G8X(TBD), Octa-core, Antutu: 200K+
Display TBC
Memory RAM 4GB / ROM 64GB
expandable memory and sim card Micro SD card up to 512GB
Operating System TBC
Front Camera 8 MP
Back Camera 50MP + 8MP+2M+2M
water resistant No
Charging Type C / Fast charge 18W
Battery 5,000 mAh
Color Carbon Gray
Dimensions W x D x H 9.0 x 0.6 x 17.1 cm.
Weight 0.484 kg.
Warranty 15 Months
Option Fingerprint (rear-mounted), accelerometer, proximity

Xiaomi Redmi 10

NEXT-LEVEL PHOTOGRAPHYCamera setup of your dreams

Camera setup of your dreams

Always camera-ready

With the AI quad camera, you are well-equipped for any photo scenario.

Get creative with short videos

Use filters to take your short videos to the next level.

Capture more with your selfies


Smoother scrolling

With a high 90Hz refresh rate you can enjoy a smoother, more fluid viewing experience when scrolling or playing games.

Power-saving AdaptiveSync

AdaptiveSync, usually only available in flagship phones, automatically matches the refresh rate to the frame rate of the content, offering a smoother result while extending the battery life.

Speakers that impress

Enjoy a better audio with dual speakers.

Listen to music with crisp stereo sound directly from your phone.


Powerful octa-core processor

The MediaTek Helio G88 makes its global debut with Redmi 10. The brand new processor produces clearer photos and provides an improved gaming experience.*

Power that lasts

The large battery has enough power to easily get you through the day. Charge it up in no time with 18W fast charge or 9W reverse wired charging.*


Radiant and classy colors

Choose from two elegant matte shades Carbon Gray or Pebble White, or go for the vibrant Sea Blue.

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